The Development Of Chinese Online Game Industry Has Five Trends

Combined with the changing commercial environment, the various segments of China’s online run 3 unblocked games companies are also changing correspondingly, this alteration presented in the online gaming industry’s business model as well as the product itself. As the depth of grasp of user needs and related technologies continue to mature, the development of China’s online game industry has five trends.

  1. Free model will end the main charging kind.
    Free model is primarily through the sale of virtual items or value-added services to tap the possibility of the user’s consumption and thus more cash. At present, free of charge model has gradually been identified by customers, the traditional models of payment has been seriously challenged and gradually become weaker.
    2. Cross-sector co-operation will become fresh business model of online happy wheels unblocked games.
    Cross-sector cooperation end up being the influence of online games into real economic benefits, but also obtain an effective marketing channel for the traditional enterprise brand and accelerate their remodeling. The advertisement cooperation of Coca-cola and World of Warcraft in the joint can be described as one of the most successful cases.
    3. Casual gaming will expand its market share.
    The most successful MMORPG World of Warcraft, the momentum is still strong, domestic MMORPG Journey is also very successful. Now, a lot of casual online games have attracted a lot of players. Dissimilar to continuously invest time and effort to improve levels of MMORPG, casual online games is undoubtedly more in line utilizing demands of health-oriented online games, component the green free games.
    4. Self-developed online games will become the mainstream of this online party games.
    With the rapid development of the online game industry, foreign game developers become increasingly aware of the large potential of China’s recreation market, thereby greatly enhance online mmorpgs. Accompanied by is a series of disputes between domestic pastime operators with foreign designers. Thus, self-developed online games most likely and far more.
    5. Mobile games develop into a new point of profit.
    With the continuing strengthening of entertainment features, mobile phone has experienced existence also as a mere communication campaign. Mobile games developed from the simple stand-alone game to a network round.

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